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Below, you will find links to several sections describing how MaxxumNet Marketing and Consulting can help you become more finacially rewarding

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E-commerce is the buzzword of the new Millennium. It’s the hottest money making trend. It lets you open the doors of your business to the global market, while staying local. But do you really know how big it is?

Well, consider some wild facts about e-commerce:

Business-to-Business on the Internet accounted for over $150 billion in 1999 alone and is supposed to double in 2000
Business-to-Business e-commerce is estimated to reach over $3 trillion by 2003
Business-to-Consumer e-commerce reached approximately $20 billion in 1999
Business-to Consumer transactions are forecasted to soar to $184 billions by 2004

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What is E-Business?

E-Business is not about changing the business we are already in, but in most prominently changing the way we do business by transforming key business processes through the use of powerful Internet-based technologies to attain the most competitive edge in the market place.

E-Business can:

  • Increase revenue through different ways of marketing through new channels, customers, and services/products offerings.
  • Reduce time and costs by process automation, workflow streamline, and information centralization.
  • Time-efficient when real time solutions are focused.
  • Loyalty of relationship between Business <=> Business and Customer <=> Business for long term mutual benefits.

What is E-commerce?

Most people think that e-commerce means online shopping--workaholics pointing their browsers to to order an emergency present because they forgot someone's birthday again.

But Web shopping is only a small part of the e-commerce picture. The term also refers to online stock and bond transactions and buying and downloading software without ever going near a store. In addition, e-commerce includes business-to-business connections that make purchasing easier for big corporations. And many people hope that so-called micro transactions will let people pay small amounts--a few cents or a few dollars--to access online content or games.

QVC, the shopping channel whose Web subsidiary iQVC opened last September, argues that it has been doing electronic commerce for the past 11 years by broadcasting on cable TV and taking orders over the phone. But the kind of e-commerce that everyone is interested in right now refers to systems that let money change hands over the Internet.

Here is what MaxxumNet can do for you and your e-commerce website Set goals for your online presence
Develop an online marketing strategy
Design your presence
Manage the implementation of your site
Maintain your Web Site
Promote your Web Site on an on-going basis
Arrange Hosting for your Secure Online Transactions
Acquaint You with the necessary gateways needed for Secure Transactions
The Need for a Merchant Account
Third Party Secure Gateways SSL, SET

Please make note that there may be additional fees depending on the type of e-commerce site, that you plan to have developed for your business.






This section of our site is for Companies without their own IT department, the Small Office or Home Office worker, Students from 5 to 90 years of age Plus Mums and Dads. We specialize in basic support for the home user, and the small company market.

Try some of the following links. They may assist you in answering your questions. If not, feel free to contact out Tech Support Department. They are always eager to help you, so call today 1.800.757.4712 ext 412

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