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Below, you will find links to several sections describing how MaxxumNet Marketing and Consulting can help you become more financially rewarding

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Marketing Your Business and Your Online Presence

If you are serious about promoting your site through the Internet, then you have come to the right place! Click Here to check out MaxxumNet's "Total Approach" Website Management Solutions. Marketing your business website is the only way to let customers know that you are there for them.

MaxxumNet offers many different types of website marketing techniques including Online Presentations, Search Engine Submissions, Email Advertising, Flash Invitations and Promotional Ads, as well as Newsletters.

*New*- Advertise your products, services, your company and your website all in one easy step! Try MaxxumNet's Flash Ad Email Services. The Flash ad is a very attractive and active email sent to people and or businesses who might benefit from your services and or products. When we are hired to do a mailing, we use email addresses that target specific people who may be interested. This type of email marketing has a proven success rate of 60%.

MaxxumNet offers two methods of purchasing your Flash Ad Email.

MaxxumNet can create the Flash Ad for who would like to handle your own email list. Flash Ads without MaxxumNet's email services start at $475.00

A Flash Ad Email developed by MaxxumNet with MaxxumNet's email services (where we will take care of your marketing email needs), start at $275.00 plus $.20 per sent email address.

MaxxumNet has thousands of industry specific email addresses that we will use to market your company. You can choose how many emails you would like to have sent out, and the frequency of your email marketing plan. We do not believe in spamming therefore all email addresses in our databases have agreed to receive information from time to time from MaxxumNet and or companies associated within.

Search Engine Listing- Get listed in the major Search Engines, by knowing the secretes of getting placement on Major Search Engines such as Yahoo, AltaVista, AOL/MSN, C|Net, GoTo, HotBot, iWon, Looksmart, About, MSN Search, NBCi, etc.).


First: Indexing by the AOL/MSN search engine network (AOL Search, C|Net, GoTo, HotBot, iWon, Looksmart, About, MSN Search, NBCi, etc. are all important networks; if you were to choose only one review/indexing fee, this would be it. Our Search Engine Placement includes this review service for free.

Second: Yahoo is now charging an "Express Submission" $199 fee to review your website within 7 business days (they state this does not guarantee inclusion; however, we can help to increase your chances dramatically). Standard Yahoo submissions are quite delayed by reviewers and may even be ignored altogether. If you choose this option, Yahoo will bill your credit card for $199.

Third: The Looksmart/Excite network charges $199 for 48 hour review and $99 for review within 8 weeks. If accepted, your listing will go into both their directory and search functions. They state that your product or service needs to be either located in the United States or geared toward US citizens; however, if you are international only we can find other solutions for you. Looksmart will bill your credit card.

MaxxumNet will add your site to over 100 Search Engines including the top 10. You can chose to have us do this on a weekly basis. (The Best Idea For Serious Promotion) or on a monthly basis. (Also very good).

Meta Tags- You could spend endless hours submitting your site to hundreds of search engines without getting anywhere, why? The majority of search engine robots look for your meta tags when indexing. If your are missing meta tags, or your meta tags are not properly written for your site, you will not be indexed. MaxxumNet offers meta tag creation and writing for a very low fee.

Link Reciprocation- Let MaxxumNet reciprocate links with other sites in your industry specific business. This is a great way to drum up hits and statistics for your site. When a visitor visits you from a reciprocating link, you know they are already interested in what you have to offer.

If you would like to know more, please contact our advertising department at
Don't forget to check out MaxxumNet's Business Marketing Plan

Disclaimer: It is in your best interest to start this process as soon as possible since some search engines currently have a wait list of 4 weeks or more before your site is reviewed. The search engines themselves state that they do not guarantee acceptance in their database or placement of a website that is accepted; therefore, although we try do everything we can to get your site accepted and placed high, we cannot guarantee that the search engines will accept or exactly where they will place your site.






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