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Below, you will find links to several sections describing how MaxxumNet Marketing and Consulting can help you become more finacially rewarding

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Online and Business Presentations.

Present It Right With
A Presentation Developed For Your Company by MaxxumNet

MaxxumNet's here to help you put your business on the Internet at the lowest cost possible to you. With great designs, and that personal touch of working with you, we will create a website that you will be proud of. A website that will work for you and your business. An Online Presentation inserted into your site, is a great way of doing just that! For further information concerning Business Presentations, please visit our main marketing website.

A presentation is a great way to advertise your products or service. Some points that you should know about what a presentation can do for your Company:

A PowerPoint presentation can be very easily inserted into any website where their hosting service supports .the presentation extension. (Today, just about every major Hosting company supports this feature).

The backgrounds and graphics that can be used, are limitless! You can use any graphics that you choose and provide.

MaxxumNet has over 100 different background templates and graphics. There are over 50 different page transitions that can be used to enhance your display.

Statistics show that over 84% of Internet users use "High Speed Internet Access". These high speed connections dramatically decrease the download time required to load and view a presentation (6-8 seconds), and dramatically increases the advantages of using a presentation to promote your business.

With each Online PowerPoint Presentation, we include a downloadable plug-in for anyone who does not have the proper viewer.

If you would like to have an Online Presentation designed for your
website, please call us today at 1.800.757.4712






This section of our site is for Companies without their own IT department, the Small Office or Home Office worker, Students from 5 to 90 years of age Plus Mums and Dads. We specialize in basic support for the home user, and the small company market.

Try some of the following links. They may assist you in answering your questions. If not, feel free to contact out Tech Support Department. They are always eager to help you, so call today 1.800.757.4712 ext 412

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