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Refund Policy

A full refund will be given only under the following circumstances.

Within 30 days from the date of the contract agreement, and after every attempt by Qcom9, MaxxumNetTech/ and the customer to design the site to the customer's satisfaction has failed.

A reasonable explanation must be given by the customer as to the reasons for dissatisfaction.

The customer must afford MaxxumNet a reasonable period of time to resolve the issue.

If no solution can be found by the end of the 30 day period to rectify the existing problem by and/or consultation with the customer, a full refund will be issued. 

*Restrictions on Refunds* Should any illegal copies be made or reproduced and/or generated in any way within the 30 day refund period. The customer Refund Policy will be deemed null and void. 

Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Please Print This Page For Your Records. 

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Purchase Terms and Conditions
All prices quoted on the Qcom9, MaxxumNetTech and MaxxumNet websites are in Canadian funds unless otherwise stated.

All payments to be made to MaxxumNet

Please note that from here on Qcom9, MaxxumNetTech and MaxxumNet may be used interchangeably.

The site and the website will also be used interchangeably.

In relation to all other services (*excluding website design) offered by Qcom9, MaxxumNetTech and MaxxumNet. Please note well, as they differ in certain areas. Payment method for all services is in advance and as indicated for that particular service. Method of payment is the same as indicated below.* There is no refund policy in place for these services.

The Client agrees to allow Qcom9, MaxxumNetTech to place its Logo in a non conspicuous location within the Client's Website. 

Administrative Fees: All administrative fees are due in advance or upon billing. Please contact Qcom9, MaxxumNetTech regarding administrative fees. Qcom9, MaxxumNetTech will email or fax you a copy of our administration fees.

Contract and Addendums A contract must be signed and accompanied by the initial down payment required prior to initiating website development and design by Qcom9, MaxxumNetTech and Addendums such as additional web pages and/or special scripts may be made verbally and/or by email and are considered binding and in addition to the original signed contract. Please contact MaxxumNet concerning Contract and addendum information.

Terms and Conditions and the signed contract. It has been made clear that the terms and conditions  are part of the signed contract. When signing the hard copy contract the client also agrees to the terms and conditions as outlined here. The client has been made aware of this fact by Qcom9, MaxxumNetTech/

Non Compliance or Negating of original contract and/or agreement prior to site completion or initiation. An administration fee of $1000.00 will become due and payable. 

Payment options include Certified Cheque and International Money Order, American Express and all American Express Affiliate Cards and Cheques. 

Consultations without a contract where multiple consultations are required other than the initial free consultation, an account with MaxxumNet must be opened. A deposit of a minimum of $500.00 is required. Consultation fees are $150.00 per hour by phone, or by email and $200.00 per hour in person. This amount will be deducted from your $500.00 deposit for each hour of consultation. You will be notified when your account is low and a complete detailed account will accompany the notification.

Balance Due Where a balance is due after the completion of a website. The balance must be paid within a 7 day period by the method agreed upon in the Client's contract of obligations.

Unpaid Balance Due Section (II). Where an unpaid balance due has not been paid and is still outstanding after the 7 day website completion period. The outstanding balance or part thereof will be applied to the credit card number on file, if it is an American express Card or the unpaid balance will immediately be subjected to a 2% per day of accrued interest until the balance has been received in full.*Note recovery process will begin 30 days after non receipt of payment and will continue to be subject to a 2% daily compounded interest rate until the balance has been recovered or paid in full.

Unpaid Balance Due Section (III). Where an unpaid balance due has not been paid and is still outstanding after the 7 day website completion period. Subsection (a), (b), or (c) of section (III) may be applied.
(a) A 2% charge will be levied against the outstanding amount calculated daily.
(b) A $500.00 non compliance of contract charge will be levied.
(c) A Combination of (a) and/or (b) will be applied at MaxxumNet's sole discretion.

We require 50% down payment on all orders over $2000.00 and up. The balance is due upon site or work completion.*Ontario Residents Add 8% Sales Tax and 5% GST.

Orders of less than $2000.00 must be paid in advance.*Ontario Residents Add 8% Sales Tax and 7% GST.

Temporary URL a) Notification will be given to the customer by email upon completion of site. A temporary URL will be issued so that you may view your site prior to balance of payment. This temporary URL is for the client's use only. Its sole purpose is as stated for the client to view his/her website prior to MaxxumNet receiving final payment and prior to website publication.

Temporary URL b). This address is not to be used for public viewing or promotion of the client's website. No material is allowed to be downloaded from this location without the express written consent of a representative of Qcom9, MaxxumNetTech or MaxxumNet.

Non Adherence to Temporary URL Guidelines. Where there has been an indication, that the temporary URL is been used by the client for any other purpose than for what it was intended (a) the temporary website is immediately removed and (b) a possible fee may be applied for its use.

Once full payment has been received by the customer's website will be uploaded to the designated server.

A client may request changes to the website, prior to final publication. ( In accordance with section I)

A client may request updates to material on the website up to 30 days after signing of the contract free of any charge.( In accordance to section I)

Section (I) Any changes that may be considered unsightly or demeaning to the original design by Qcom9, MaxxumNetTech/MaxxumNet Marketing will not be permitted and deemed unacceptable changes or updates.

You may not edit alter or copy this temporary site or the completed finished site prior to the final payment and/or prior to the end of the 30 day refund period *See Refund Policy below.

No copies may be made of the site without the written consent of Qcom9, MaxxumNetTech/ any such copies will be deemed illegal and void your refund option.*See Refund.

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