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Below, you will find links to several sections describing how MaxxumNet Marketing and Consulting can help you become more finacially rewarding

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Why Does Your Business Need a Website?

Why should you spend time and money on a web presence? What's in it for you? What are the benefits, especially to your bottom line? Let's explore some "business case scenarios" in which a web presence could improve your company's sales, customer service and profitability.

We are discovering new ways for our customers to use the Internet to help their business. Here are some of the most common benefits. MaxxumNet has provided the top 20 reasons for having a business website.



New Business

You can generate new sales by providing potential new customers instant access to product catalogues and detailed company information.

Increase Business

You can increase repeat sales with an online store. Happy customers and their referrals could purchase from you no matter where they're located.

Improve advertising effectiveness

You can leverage other advertising to increase customer response. Place your website address in a newspaper ad and mention that the website contains special discounts and coupons. Change the specials every month to keep your potential customers interested and coming back. A website can help a small ad reap large returns.

Provide an online brochure

You can describe you or your company on your website. The more people know about you and your product, the more comfortable they feel purchasing from you. Go into detail about your business philosophy and goals. Establish your creditability by describing your background and expertise. Tell how you've helped others succeed! A picture of yourself, staff and building will tell visitors "hey, this guy's for real!"

Use an auto responder to increase your exposure.

An auto responder is an extremely powerful tools for distributing information "upon request" to interested parties. They are similar to the popular "fax back" systems. Include your auto responder address on your brochures, business card, newspaper ads, etc. Here is a fantastic marketing tip: Include your auto responder address in your email software's "automatic signature" so that every email you send includes a user friendly ad.

Create a showcase

Provide photos and detailed descriptions of your products. Emphasize why your products and services are superior to your competition. Since there is no limit to the number of words on a web page, use all the text you need to fully explain the benefits of your products. If a person is interested in your offerings, they will read everything you provide, and appreciate the fact you provided it.

Provide a reward for referrals

Use the website to ask for referrals and give special discounts or prizes to those that provide the most referrals. Customers will appreciate the fact that you acknowledge and reward their loyalty.

Educate your customers

Offer lots of free advice about your services and products. Provide tips, techniques, ideas and suggestions for maximizing the benefit of your products. Give your website visitors reasons to buy.

Gather feedback

It is easy to find out what your customers truly want by tracking want they do at your website. What pages are heavily visited and which are ignored. Provide website-based questionnaires, surveys and response forms to let them easily provide feedback. Act on their suggestions and let them know you appreciate their help. Your customers will be flattered by your concern for their ideas, and will reward you with sales and referrals.

Save your customers money

Tell your visitors you are using your website to save advertising, printing and telephone expenses, and that you are passing those savings on to your customers. A two thousand word website is a fraction of the cost of traditional print and TV/radio advertisements.

Advertise More Effectively

We have all had the experience of seeing an advertisement on the weekend that perhaps piqued our interest. We intend to respond to the ad during "normal" business hours. Often, however, we never get around to it. Don't let this happen to your customers and potential customers. The best time to give them more information is RIGHT THEN, WHEN THEY WANT IT! The information they want and need will be on your Internet Web Site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The customer may read your ad or see it on TV at 2:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning. If you display your Web Site address with your ad, they will be able to immediately call up your site and get the information they want, and have the ability to contact you or your sales staff. Your Internet Web Site address on all of your advertisements and promotions will do two things for you. It will give your company a cutting edge corporate image and it will encourage the viewer to take a look at what you have to offer. Since you are already paying for the advertisement, the addition of your web address increases your exposure without adding any cost.

Easily Provide World Wide Documentation At Little Cost

Distributing a traditional printed catalog can be very expensive. In addition to the high cost of production and printing, mailing costs can be enormous. Besides the fact that all too often mailed pieces can quickly become "junk mail". On the Internet, no matter how many people view your catalog, you will never run out. Printed catalogs quickly go out of date and have to be reprinted. Incurring all of the costs over and over and over again. On the Internet, when you have a change in your product line, offering, or pricing, you simply make a change to the site. Then instantly every customer has a brand new, up to date copy of your catalog. Perhaps best of all is that your entire product line is available worldwide without ever spending a cent on printing and distribution.

Give Your Company A Cutting Edge Corporate Image

Try this simple experiment the next time you are at a social function. Ask any business person or professional if their company is on the Internet? If it's not, they will likely be uncomfortable about the question. There is a sense of urgency about getting connected to the Internet. Most small business people act as though they feel guilty, and like they are the only one left not yet on the Internet. This pressure will only increase with time. Think back to just a few years ago when fax machines were thought of as amazing technology, but far too costly for most companies. Today a fax machine is not a luxury, but a business necessity. Your customers automatically assume you have a fax machine. Soon the same will be true of a Web site.

Make It Easy For Clients To Reach You

Your clients can instantly request more information. All they have to do is click one simple link or icon. This inquiry can be as simple as a request for more information or to have their name added to your mailing list. But it can easily be an extended survey of client opinions and feelings. An E-mail link puts you in instant contact with your client database. By capturing their E-mail addresses you can easily and automatically let your entire E-mail database of customers know about special offers or situations in seconds. Sending an E-mail broadcast to your targeted E-mail list can be done at virtually no cost.

Create An Effective Employee Information Site

Increase productivity and decrease branch office miscommunication. Your offices and employees anywhere in the world (and while on the road) can easily view up-to-the-minute changes in corporate policy or recent additions to your policies and procedures. This information can be secure, private information, or more general in nature. Every office can have up to date human resource policy information. Every office can be working on the same set of rules. This could prove invaluable as a guide to a manager in a new and potentially sticky situation. Since it's on-line, your entire policy manual could be searched within seconds. You would never face the problem of a remote manager or employee making a decision based on a policy that had been discarded long ago but is still "in the book".

Provide A Common Location For Emergency Communications

You can instantly communicate with your employees worldwide with last minute changes and instructions. This instant communication can be directed to your entire company, or to just a few select individuals. Most importantly, it can happen in seconds.

Support Different Platforms From Multiple Branch Offices

No matter what computer platform each branch office uses, you can easily communicate with all of them at the same time. The Unix-based data processing center on one coast can easily communicate with the Apple-based graphics department on the other. Both of them can communicate with the Windows-based main office. The Internet offers easy, inexpensive interoffice communication regardless of platform.

Long Distance Training Center

You can train or just update all of your remote branches and offices. The training can be received via weekly E-mailed sections. They can also be instructed to view the training section of your Web Site. The training can be done in conjunction with CD-ROM discs or just from the Internet.

Download Software And Updates

Dramatically reduce update times and avoid costly overnight express deliveries. As soon as updates are placed on the Internet, they are available for multiple users to download at the same time. The end user is happy because he or she can get the update within minutes of it being made available. You will be pleased when you see the savings on your overnight delivery service bill at the end of each month.

Remote Sales Force Tracking

Your sales force in the field can upload their client contact lists as fast as they can type them in. This can be done in the form of E-mail or you can have a template on your site. Each salesperson can fill out their information on line and with the click of a button insert it into the database. If security is important, passwords or encryption can be used to protect and authenticate information. You receive the information much more quickly and in a usable format. The sales representative can avoid unnecessary paper work by simply printing out their completed form prior to transmission.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. Contact MaxxumNet to discuss your business objectives, and we can brainstorm right on the phone ways for the Internet to help your business or organization.


If you find that your business can benefit from any of the above mentioned, then you need a MaxxumNet Website. MaxxumNet is here for all your website development needs! All of our services come with award winning support and excellent reliability. Not only are our services dependable, they are low in cost. MaxxumNet Websites start as low as $999.99Cnd

MaxxumNet doesn't think that you should have to pay more to get great quality website development and services with excellent support.




This section of our site is for Companies without their own IT department, the Small Office or Home Office worker, Students from 5 to 90 years of age Plus Mums and Dads. We specialize in basic support for the home user, and the small company market.

Try some of the following links. They may assist you in answering your questions. If not, feel free to contact out Tech Support Department. They are always eager to help you, so call today 1.800.757.4712 ext 412

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